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QUOTAS take-out limit as follows : The balance of your catches can be consumed on site.

Speckled Trout 12 lbs + 1 fish (trophy fish)
Lake Trout 3 units
Walleye 8 units
Northern Pike 3 units

Speckled trout
Speckled trout is generally caught in early season (early June to the end of June), but still bites until the end of September in the lake. Fish with light casting or trolling equipment as well as fly-fishing. The average size for the 1999 season was 3.2 lbs. Camp record is 8.5 lbs caught in 1998 & 7 lbs in year 2000.

Lake Trout
The most abundant fish in the lake may be caught from mid- June through the end of the season. Casting in early season and trolling during mid summer and late season. We recommend the use of deep water fishing equipment in July and August. Some customers have successfully fished for these lakers with fly rods in early season. Several trout weighing between 32 and 37 lbs were caught in the 2001 season.

They are fished in shallow bays ( 5 to 12 feet of water ) around the camp. Caught as of mid-June through August. Walleyes will average 3 lbs.

Norhern Pikes
They are fished from early season to late season. They are fished with casting equipment as well as fly rods. This fish is found throughout the lake, and sizes are commonly caught in excess of 30 lbs (50 inches) yearlong.